Ordering JL-types' products

You can order JL-types' products and update product licenses using the form below. There are nine product categories.

You can choose one or more products. When you have made all selections and added your contact information, just navigate down, where is a button "Submit" for sending your order.

You have provide obligatory fields:name, address, email and delivering method (obligatory fields are marked with text "Required"). Without filling those fields the order form can not be sent. You will always get confirmation about your order by email.

The font packages include OpenType fonts (for both Windows, Mac, and Linux environments). We will send the font products through email and keyboard stickers by 1st class mail.

We can bill you by PayPal or bank transfer. The prices include international shipping. Prices with Finnish 24 % VAT are for all EU countries, prices without VAT are for all other countries. We can ship to companies in other EU countries without VAT, if you provide your valid VAT number on the line "Other electronic payment information".

N.B.! White stickers are not anymore available from 04/2020!

The price list for our products and services can be found here.

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